Introducing Cromeloan to your Clients

Learn how to integrate Cromeloan into your accounting practice during annual reviews, tax time, and client enquiries to enhance services and boost client savings.

When to Introduce Cromeloan to your Clients

Annual Review:

Context: During the annual review meeting, discussions often revolve around tax effectiveness and optimizing expenses.

Action: Integrate Cromeloan into the conversation by highlighting the importance of reviewing home loan options to potentially save money. These savings can then be redirected to other areas to improve the client's overall financial position.

Tax Time:

Context: Tax time is a critical period for assessing clients' financial health, including their real estate investments.

Action: Ask clients about their current home or investment property loans. Questions to consider:

  • When was the last time they compared their interest rate to the market?

  • Have they recently assessed their property value?

  • Are there opportunities to refinance for better rates?

General Enquiries:

Context: Clients often seek advice on potential new purchases, depreciation schedules, negative gearing, mixed-use asset purchases, and debt consolidation.

Action: Use these enquiries as opportunities to:

  • Proactively manage home loan costs.

  • Investigate investment property options based on current financial standings.

  • Even if the enquiry is not directly property-related, bring up the importance of regularly reviewing their loan rates and property values.

Proactive Connections Through the Year:

Context: Engaging with clients throughout the year can generate further business opportunities.

Action: Tag onto existing engagement rhythms or create bespoke strategies using Cromeloan’s capabilities.

  • Assess if the accounting practice has a program for proactive client connections.

  • Introduce Cromeloan as a new value-added service during these engagements.

New Customer Onboarding:

Context: New clients are looking for comprehensive value propositions from their accountants.

Action: Include Cromeloan as a part of the overall value proposition. Explain how it can help new clients:

  • Find better home loan options.

  • Achieve savings and financial improvements.

Quick Reference Guide (QRG):

To you seamlessly integrate Cromeloan into their practice, here is a quick reference guide:

  1. Identify Opportunities: Look for clues during regular client interactions that indicate potential benefits from home loan reviews.

  2. Client Conversations: Use Cromeloan as a conversation starter or an added value during discussions about finances, tax effectiveness, and property investments.

  3. Proactive Management: Regularly review clients' home loan rates and property values even if it’s not a primary discussion point.

  4. Bespoke Strategies: Develop tailored engagement strategies to promote Cromeloan’s capabilities and the additional value it brings.

  5. Educational Resources: Use Cromeloan’s resources to educate clients on the importance of regular home loan assessments and the potential financial benefits.

Implementation Steps:

Integrate Cromeloan into Annual Reviews and Tax Time Discussions:

  • Develop scripts and conversation points.

  • Train staff on the benefits of Cromeloan and how to introduce it to clients.

Develop Proactive Engagement Programs:

  • Create a calendar of proactive client touchpoints.

  • Include Cromeloan updates and offers in regular communications.

Onboard New Clients with Cromeloan:

  • Include information about Cromeloan in onboarding materials.

  • Explain the financial benefits and potential savings.

Monitor and Report:

  • Track the adoption and success of Cromeloan among clients.

  • Collect feedback to improve the integration process.

Provide Continuous Support:

  • Offer ongoing training and resources to accountants.

  • Regularly update the platform with new features and market information.

By leveraging Cromeloan, accountants can not only enhance their service offerings but also build a new revenue stream, thereby increasing the overall value they provide to their clients.