Common Customer Concerns

Address client concerns with Cromeloan. Save time, simplify paperwork, and secure better rates without changing banks. Discover easy steps and potential savings tailored to your needs.

Common Concerns

Don't have enough time

Response: I completely understand that time is precious. That’s why Cromeloan has streamlined the process to be as efficient as possible. With our digital tools we can handle most of the heavy lifting for you. We can even schedule meetings at your convenience including evenings or weekends.

The potential savings you could make from a better rate will definitely make the short time investment worthwhile.

Too complicated/paperwork

Response: We aim to make this process as simple as possible for you. Our digital platform allows you to upload documents easily and we handle most of the paperwork on your behalf.

We’ll guide you through every step ensuring clarity and simplicity. Plus the potential savings and financial benefits make it worth considering.

I don’t want to change my bank accounts or direct debits

Response: Changing your bank accounts or direct debits isn’t always necessary. Cromeloan can explore options with your current bank to secure a better rate or they can help you transition smoothly to a new lender while taking care of the details to minimise any inconvenience – which may mean not needing to have to change your transaction or savings accounts at all.

Let me check with my financial advisor

Response: That’s a great idea. We often work alongside financial advisors to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. I can provide detailed information and comparisons that you can share with your advisor making it easier for them to offer an informed opinion.


Response: There are often minimal out-of-pocket costs involved in refinancing. Any fees associated with the process can usually be rolled into the loan itself and the long-term savings from a lower rate can and often far exceed any initial costs.

Cromeloan can provide a detailed breakdown of all potential costs and savings for complete transparency.

What the new loan term is

Response: The new loan term can be customised to fit your financial goals. Whether you want to keep the same term or adjust it we can find a solution that works best for you. Refinancing doesn’t necessarily mean extending your loan term unless that’s your preference.

What the interest rate is

Response: Cromeloan can provide you with the most current and competitive interest rates available from various lenders – this should take no longer than 3 minutes though the Cromeloan platform.

We’ll look at your specific financial situation and goals to find the best rate and terms that fit your needs ensuring you get the most favourable deal possible.

Impact on Credit Score/history

Response: Refinancing can impact your credit score slightly in the short term due to the credit inquiry. However, the long-term benefits like a lower interest rate and reduced monthly payments can positively affect your credit score.

Cromeloan can explain this in more detail and help manage the process to minimise any negative impacts.

Bank loyalty

Response: While loyalty to your bank is important, it’s also crucial to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. Often banks offer better rates to new customers than to existing ones. We can negotiate with your current bank to see if they’ll match a better offer ensuring you benefit from the best rate while maintaining your loyalty.

It is also often very useful to list down all of the reasons that you may be dissatisfied with your current provider and weigh that up with the benefits of a new provider – in particular the potential savings you could unlock.